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One road to immediate gratification is the single page story (exhibit). Very small areas that otherwise would not have an opportunity to be shared are now available to show. They can be reasonably quickly put together depending on the amount of research you wish to include. You have to try it; you'll be thankful you did!




Single Pages

Angakok Spirit Mask

Arcadia Conference

(BTA Ruby Award - 2022)

Sir Arthur Keith

(BTA Diamond Award - 2022)

Bertha von Suttner goes to America


(BTA Ruby Awadr - 2023)

Dag Hammarskjöld and Katanga


A Declaration of War and Al Capone


Dog Dancer

First Neanderthals

First Universal Races Congress

The Golden Hat of Schifferstadt

(BTA Ruby Awadr - 2023)

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Infant Hercules and the Serpents

Johan Jakob Scheuchzer

Lady of Brassempouy

London Peace Society

Man Who Witnessed the Flood

The Tragedy of Medusa

Nazca Lines


Origin of the Milky Way

Patrons of the 1899 Hague Peace Conference

Radio Nations 1929-1939


Steampunk 101

The Well-Baked Man

(BTA Emerald Award - 2022)

Wildman of the Woods





Single Rows

O.C. Marsh, Chief Red Cloud and the Thunder Horses

Sinclair Dinosaurs Invade the Century of Progress

UNTEA Postcard Local Uses - 1962-1963



Files are in pdf format




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