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Slide Presentations

League of Nations Transition

(UNExpo 2017)

The Oceanographic Institute

(UNExpo 2017)

Self-Publishing Your Single Frame Exhibit in ONLY 60 pages

(ASE 2019 - UNPI Meeting)

Updated June 2020

Part 1 (Preparing your Monograph - pdf version)

Part 2 (Publishing your Monograph - on Amazon)


United Nations Memorial Service, Muir Woods 1945

(GASS 2020 - UNPI Meeting)


Single Page / Row Exhibiting Presentation Examples

Single Page/Row Exhibiting

(Poway Stamp Club)

The Arcadia Conference

(Single Page Example)

Singing to the Spirits

(Single Page Example)

The UNTEA Postcard Local Uses - 1962-1963

(Single Row Example)


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