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Philatelic exhibiting remains a favorite side of the stamp collecting habit. To improve the results in competitive competition, several exhibiting friends joined in a workshop to discuss, debate and eat dinner. My wife was kind enough to humor us and prepared wonderful meals. Guests were most often invited to attend with the five core group members. I still maintain the guys came for the food and not necessarily for the exhibit critiques!


San Diego Exhibiting Workshop

Dinner and critique with workshop core members

original crew

Les Lanphear, Alan Campbell, Winand Hess †, Fran Adams and Jim Busse

Lester Winick Article 2001



Sandical 2002

Dick Corwin †, Lester Lanphear, Jeff Ward, Alan Campbell,

Howard Lee †, Bob Markovits †, Fran Adams, Winand Hess †


Dinner Workshop and Critique


July 2001 Guests: David Herendeen †, Barbara Hanks, Alan Hanks



September 2001 Guest: Ravi Vora



November 2001 Guests: Jeff Ward, Howard Lee †



January 2002 Guest: Don Chafetz



March 2003 Guests: George Consentini, Don Brent


At the Frames

alan campbell

Sandical 2007 with Alan Campbell


don chafetz

Sandical 2007 with Don Chafetz


dick corwin

Sescal 2001 with Dick Corwin†


winand hess

Sandical 2007 with Winand Hess †


les lanphear

Sandical 2007 with Les Lanphear


howard Lee

Sandical 2007 with Howard Lee †


bob markovits

Sandical 2007 with Bob Markovits†


fran adams

Sandical 2007 with Fran Adams


Matting Workshop and Demonstration

matting workshop 1

matting workshop 2

Sescal 2001


Other Guests

Ted Bahry

Dick Corwin †

Jerry Farrelly

Elizabeth Pope †

Gerry Santangelo †

Carl Schaff


† - Deceased



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