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Philatelic exhibiting can be a very complex subject if one allows it to become that. Exhibiting however is really an art form in it's own right and one which you can experience and enjoy easily.

The suggestion to have 'fun' rather than seek awards is quite the sage advice. If seeking medals, don't be surprised when some viewers don't appreciate your pet as much as you happenn to. The real benefit comes when displaying your material for the enjoyment of others as well as yourself. That's when everyone else will appreciate your pet too!



Interactive Exhibits

The Mesozoic Times (Issue #2, Seapex)

(The Magazine Where Prehistory meets Philately)

Revised 22 June 2021



Multi-Frame Exhibits

The Atlantic Charter (Draft in Progress)

(Roosevelt and Churchill Mold a New World Peace Organization - 1941)

5 Frames




Single Frame Exhibits

The 7 Schwabians

(A Pike and a Rake)

Revised 14 August 2020



Dino Indicia

('"Dino" the Sinclair Dinosaur and the Initial Postage Meter Designs)




(Arctic Peoples of the Ice and Snow)



International Institute of Agriculture

(An International Effort to Report on Crops)

Revised 22 April 2021



League of Nations to United Nations

(The Geneva Transition Period 1946-1951)



The Leticia Incident

(The League of Nations and the Colombian - Peruvian Border Conflict of 1932-19344)

Revised 14 April 2020



The Oceanographic Institute

(Prince Albert I and the World's Oceans)

Revised 22 April 2021

Synopsis / Epilogue


Organizing Peace (Issue #1, Winter 2017)

(Essays on the Building of an International Peace Organization)



The 1899 Hague Peace Conference

Viewed Through Post Cards

(The Official Postcards)

Revised 12 May 2021



Toward United Nations

(The Five Cent Commemorative Issue of 1945)



United Nations and Palestine : 1947-1951

(Efforts to Resolve the Jewish / Arab Land Dispute)

Revised 22 April 2021




Literature Exhibit

Bone and Stone (CD and Web)

(Echoes of the Past through Philately)




Inactive Exhibits

The Charter of the United Nations

(A Document for World Peace - San Francisco, 1945)



The Complete T. rex

(The Greatest Tyrant of all Time)



Dark Caves - Bright Visions

(Ice Age Cave Painting of France and Spain)



Geometric Numeral Cancels

(St. Petersburg and Moscow 1880-1904)




(The Man Who Almost Was)



United Nations Origins 1938-1942

Roosevelt and Churchill Mold a New World Peace Organization



Wings of Stone

Prehistoric Flying Reptiles

(Title-Plan in English) (in German)



Short Stories

The Angakok Spirit Mask

(Single Page - ATA)

The Arcadia Conference

(Single Page - ATA)

Sir Arthur Keith

(Single Page - ATA)


(Single Page - ATA)

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

(Single Page - ATA)

The Well-Baked Man

(Single Page - ATA)


The UNTEA Postcard Local Uses - 1962-1963

(Single Row)



Retired Exhibits

Nations Unies - Genève (1950-1969) - 1 Frame

(My first single frame exhibit - mint stamps and FDCs! - 1978)


The 14¢ Fourth Bureau Issue - 1 Frame

Atlantic Meeting (Synopsis) - 1 Frame

Authoring World Peace - 1 Frame

Brontosaurus (article) - 1 Frame

Council of Europe (article) - 1 Frame

American Indians (Title / Plan) - 6 Frames

(Title-Plan in German - 1980s)

Nations Unies - Office Européen (1947-1969) - 5 Frames

Nations Unies - Office Européen (The Provisional Overprints)

U.N. Conference on International Organization (Synopsis)

U.S. Commemorative Overprints - 1 Frame



Files are in pdf format




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