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Digital Art

Digital art and computers have become an addition to life in general. As the technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the things you can do with modern hardware / software. Art of course has benefited from these developments and I can simply enjoy a tropical beach while creating simply for relaxation's sake. Here you'll find images produced as imagination moved me.



Gearlobes! I needed a rich subject area to classify many of the things I make by hand. In thinking about a name for such an area/organization, a simple gear and its teeth came to mind. Voilá - gear and lobes. Thus, Gearlobes was born. Here you'll find mainly handcrafted jewelry pieces for friends and family, each being unique and made from used and abused findings*.



Steampunk is a magical genre of sci-fi and retrofuturistic fantasy. The most basic premis is "what would the world be like if electricity was never invented?" Of course! Everything would run off steam power and incorporate much of the Victorian period's dress, manners and technology. It may include lighter than air ships, space travel and other technologies such as those found in H.G. Wells and Jules Verne works. It's a wide open playground limited only by your imagination. Here you'll find Victorian inspired items handcrafted from used and abused findings* for family and steampunk friends.

* Findings are small bits, bobs, jewels, buttons, watch parts, wire, ribbon, chain or other interesting parts which might be used in construction.



I'm not a composer but I was interested in trying to put a few sound loops together to build a soundtrack for the bumpers (short music snippets) of a philatelic podcast! Apple's Garageband has quite a number of different sound loops which provide beeps, rings, drum beats as well as interesting effects for the budding composer. The effort resulted in a much too long soundtrack but it was great fun. (At the Frames was published for only one episode - hear it below). That being said here's my 4+ minute shot at becoming the next Ludwig van Beethoven.

Click the play button below to listen...



Podcast audio is a learning and teaching experience that really should be published for more than one episode. This experimental At The Frames interview with Don Chafetz reviews the exhibit The Murder of Lidice displayed at the national exhibition Sandical 2009. Don walks us through the exhibit frame by frame with commentary on the material shown. It's an opportunity to share in a different fashion. Now if only I didn't sound like a robot!

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Organic Fun

Sometimes you just feel like doing something off the wall - It's just those ocassions that yield some of the more exotic experiments and just plain weird experiences you never thought you'd have. Thanks to my three sweet girls is due...



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